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[Divulgação Habbo]Blib.pw | Unique features | FastFood, Jukeboxes, Groupforums... | Hiring![Retrô]

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Nome do Hotel: Blib.pw | Unique features | FastFood, Jukeboxes, Groupforums... | Hiring!
Donos: Syr
24Hrs: Sim
Moedas iniciais: 80000
Site: https://blib.pw
Vagas: Sim
Informações Adicionais: Hi,
I've finally launched Blib.pw with my friend Ryzen. Together we've created an hotel which actually have change to become one of the "major" hotels. I feel like every single hotel that opens nowdays, bad or great still shuts down and really doesn't give the big hotels any competition. We've put a lot of time into this hotel and we are both very competetive. We will try to make a new hotel grow and make a large userbase. We allow people from all countries as long as they speak English.

Aim: We want our hotel to always be uptodate, with the latest and most unique features. We will constantly keep our players maintained. We will offer some great quality and security.

Info that nobody gives a sh*t about anyways: I am the technician (syr), and Ryzen is mainly working on the social part, support, hiring, events, you name it. We are running on a tiny edit of Comet Emulator, mainly some small addons, commands & edited pathfinder to make specific events working better. However, if you are any into emulators you know that Comet can handle huge amount of players and is extremely stable. And yes we are DDoS protected, if you don't believe me then try me :D.

We have Fast Food game working, snowstorm (under development), jukeboxes with custom songs, groupforums, neat catalog, newest clothing, all achievements, quests and badges working 100%.

Everything is tested and works just like supposed to.

I do highly appreciate suggestions & ideas.
However, what are you waiting for? Join the fun. http://blib.pw
[doublepost=1495788871,1495756910][/doublepost]Update: Just added a SSL certificate.

Membro Prata

En: I'll be accessing the hotel.

Br: Estarei acessando o hotel.


very god , i love it

This smells so nostalgic ages  :*-*:


but it's used comet server not uber ( retro ) :/

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