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Storm Riders - 2019 New Game!

em Dom 13 Jan 2019 - 20:33

Official website: Click here

Official Community:
Click here

MMORPG Storm Riders is not just a game, it is a legend that has come to life, where you will get an opportunity to become a kung-fu master and fulfill your destiny. Choose one of the four unique characters, who are not just great warriors, but, also, control the elements! Level-headed Cloud, kind-hearted Wind and Ash the Faithful or Dream the Warrioress. Become a legend of Kung-Fu – play a brand new browser MMORPG based on famous Wind and Cloud saga - Storm Riders!



  • Arena 10 vs 10

  • Individual Arena

  • World Boss event

  • Cross Server Battle

  • Daily Events

  • Territorial War (Guild Battle)

  • War for Glorious City (Guild Battle)

  • Battle for Dragon City (For winners in Glorious City)

  • Fortune Dungeon

  • Constellations Group Dungeon

  • Sword Orb Boss (For VIP Player)

  • Kong Ci

  • Guild Dungeon - Revolving Lake

  • Umbra's Cache

  • Hall of Glory

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