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Resident Evil 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version

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Resident Evil 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version
Resident Evil 2 is the next Part in the unparalleled game that defines the survival horror genre. It begins as Raccoon City continues to endure an onslaught of terror and fear as a mysterious, flesh eating virus spreads into the town that turns everyone it infects into zombies. Resident Evil 2 introduces players to Leon Kennedy, a Raccoon City rookie policeman, and Claire Redfield, a tough heroine in search of her brother. Players can control either Leon or Claire as they explore the entire Raccoon City locale with its huge 3D environments, and swarms of terrifying creatures of the undead.
Resident Evil 2 is good, scary game. The original Resident Evil remains one of the PlayStation's most favourite and successful games. It was so popular, in fact, that it inspired a slew of similar horror-themed action/adventure games for the system. And while many would cite Resident Evil as the originator of this formula, the fact is that the lot of these games took their blueprint from a PC game, Infogrames' H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Alone in the Dark. Resident Evil 2 is no exception, following the familiar formula of suspense achieved through Changing perspective and cinematic camera angles.
Its PC lineage may explain why Resident Evil 2 makes a successful jump from the PlayStation, but only if you can accept some decidedly foreign design conventions inherent to console games. Resident Evil 2 begins shortly after the first one ended. Raccoon City has been overrun by the zombies created by the unscrupulous Umbrella corporation. While the heroes of the first game are absent from the story-driven portion of Resident Evil 2, www.exegames.net you still have your choice of two characters. Actually, it isn't much of a choice. To finish the game, you must play through each section as both characters. Most of Resident Evil 2 takes place in the Raccoon City Police Station, where both Leon and Claire have taken refuge from the zombie infestation. Inside, you'll solve a variety of puzzles, which mostly involve finding keys to unlock previously inaccessible areas.
The puzzles are simple, and you'll find yourself sliding blocks onto pressure plates and fitting medallions into their resting places. Likewise, the action, while graphic in content, is somewhat on the light side. You just point your character in the general vicinity of a zombie and fire your weapon. Neither of these points is a criticism. Resident Evil 2 is an action/adventure that puts emphasis on neither. Instead, its strength is its atmosphere. The game is both creepy and, at times, frightening. The creature designs are good, as there are both gory scenes of zombies feasting on victims, and startling moments of creatures jumping out of nowhere. The translation from the PlayStation is good. The character models are high resolution, though the backgrounds are a bit washed out.
The PC version also has an exclusive new feature, an art and model gallery that lets you see how the designs evolved. It's not vital by any means, but it's a nice touch. The music is appropriately creepy, with sad piano music floating in and out of the game. The other sound effects don't fare as well. The groaning of zombies is creepy at first, but over time it becomes tedious and repetitive. The voice-overs are terrible, www.exegames.net though they seem appropriate in the B-movie setting. Resident Evil 2's origin as a PlayStation game is apparent. The method by which you save games will infuriate PC purists, as it is not only sporadic, but requires an item of which there are a limited number. This is part of the game's design, though, and it would lose much of its suspense without it. But if such conventions annoy you, consider yourself warned. If you can brave its shortcomings, however, Resident Evil 2 is good, scary fun.

Resident Evil 2 PC Game Minimum System Requirements :
Processor: 1.0GHz
RAM: 128MB
Video Memory: 32MB

OS: Windows 95/98
Processor: Pentium @ 166 MHz
Memory: 24 MB
Hard Drive: 101 MB Free
Video Memory: 4 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Direct X: 6.0
Keyboard & Mouse
CD/DVD Rom Drive

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